Exhibiting at Manning Artspace, Sydney University – July 2009- August 2013.

The title of the series, Alchemy, was inspired by Paolo Cuelo’s The Alchemist; a four-part series taken over a three-month journey around South America. The first shot of the series was the one in Huacachina – sand dunes in the south of Peru. Not knowing yet quite what I was onto, I played around with the asana Urdhva Dhanurasana, also known as Chakrasana, Upward Bow, Wheel, Backbend or “The Crab” – which, seeing as my starsign is Cancer, is probably the most appropriate – in the salt-lakes of Bolivia, after a fashion shoot in Argentina and finally on the beaches of Brazil.

“Never stop dreaming”


Uyuni Salt Lakes, Bolivia

Standing on one cm of water on top of a lake of salt, these clouds surrounded me in every direction – it was the most breath-taking experience of my life. Levi Martins, one of the boys in my 4wd took this. I got a bit wet, slipping as I tried to stand up… but it was worth it. This shot represents to me the power of dreams, and the incredible way that everything you dream, everything you ask the universe for, will come true. Never stop dreaming.

“Everything in life is an omen”

“Everything in life is an omen”

“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Facilitated with an exchange of facebook details at a youth hostel, this shot followed a spontaneous fashion shoot with Columbian fashion photographer Gustavo Moreno. I stole the blue scarf from around my friend’s neck and inside the phonebook of a convenience store I created this fun little outfit and requested Gustavo to take this shot. Cars stopped (and tooted) and after many tries we got the shot (an my muscles ached for days!). This is my favourite of the series – I think because it was the most difficult to create. It is true that when you want something, anything, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

Photographer: © 2009 Gustavo Tomás Moreno T. (YACO)

“He had not a cent in his pocket, but he had faith.”

“He had not a cent in his pocket, but he had faith.”

Florianapolis, Brazil

Words cannot describe the appreciation that the Brazilians have for life. They smile, they laugh, and in their bright coloured clothes they walk as if music is pumping through their veins. At the beach, whether wealthy or homeless, people share the pleasures of warmth, water and sand; together clapping and cheering the sun’s final glorious moments as it retires for the day. Brazilians live in a way that seems much more connected with “God”, or the “Universal Soul”, the mysterious unknowns behind life, than most people I know. By living in the moment rather than worrying about what the next day will bring (whether by choice or default) the Brazilians’ energy, attitude and lifestyle represented to me the most beautiful expression of real deep faith. They have not a cent in their pockets, but they have faith.

For the exhibition I printed them to 15 x 40 inch (381 x 1016mm), mounted them on 9mm craftwood with black melamine edging and finished them off with a cold satin lamination. Wanting to spread the love I priced them at $240, and happy to sell them over the internet for the same price + postage costs.

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  1. Sharne
    2 Oct ’09    

    Your photography is beautiful! I just wanted to let you know i read your blog when you post it to Facebook and it always makes me smile in one way or another… Hope you are well? And i don’t need to ask cause i know you are happy!!!


    Sharne xx

    • 2 Feb ’12    

      Hi Sharne! I only just came across this message from years ago!!! Thank you so much. I’m going to reply more on FB xxx

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