Circles in the Land of Angles

THE CRAB - IN ENGLAND I love learning where words come from. England, according to wikipedia, comes from the Old English Englaland, the "Land of the Angles", the Angles being a German Tribes from the Middle ages. Learn something new every day - I always assumed it meant 'my land" or something unoriginal like that.. you know, like the naming of all the monuments in Sydney: the "Harbour Bridge" for a bridge across the harbour, the "Opera House" for the theatre where opera is played , the "Centerpoint" Read more [...]


Sometimes life just sucks. For no reason in particular. And for every reason in particular. You know that feeling? Or am I the only one… The funny thing is that nothing has really changed. I’m still living with my Opa, I’m still at uni, I’m still writing and reading and living life doing the things I love. But I feel shit. Granted my Opa is wasting away before my eyes, he hardly eats anything any more and at 94 is on the brink of, well, of death. The sunroom I study in used to be Read more [...]

Live life for money

Live life for money Accumulate many things Get into debt Rejoice what this brings: ... More work, less time Fear material loss Forget impermanence Decay of time is boss ... What’s left is a story A story of Capital Of slavery to a system Of exploitation, greed and battle ... The poor are famished So the “rich” can get fat Anti-depressants prescribed Are we blind as a bat? ... Like vampires we suck Our earth’s blood dry Chop down our trees, Destroy clean air Read more [...]

At the precipice…

"Only on the brink of disaster do people find the will to change." "Our sun was dying, we had to evolve." "Nothing ever truly dies. Everything simply transforms." (I found these quotes in my diary. I think they are from The Day the Earth Stood Still.) What will it take for us to change? Our future comes at a price - to human lifestyles and choices. There are few planets hospitable to life. We are ridiculously lucky to be here. AND to be self-aware is a miracle to say the least. Are we going Read more [...]

Death, life-commitments & a horse’s penis

It all began on Friday morning when my Opa said to me "I'm not well. I'm feeling dizzy." I held his hand. He was freezing. I called the Doctor, and then the ambulance. I put a blanket on him, the heater next to him and lay his chair flat. He was getting colder and more faint - as if the life force was slowly evaporating. He's 94 and I've lived with him for two and a half years. "You're ready for this" I told myself as I I held back the tears and then tried my best to hide them when I could hold Read more [...]