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Circles in the Land of Angles

THE CRAB - IN ENGLAND I love learning where words come from. England, according to wikipedia, comes from the Old English Englaland, the "Land of the Angles", the Angles being a German Tribes from the Middle ages. Learn something new every day - I always assumed it meant 'my land" or something unoriginal like that.. you know, like the naming of all the monuments in Sydney: the "Harbour Bridge" for a bridge across the harbour, the "Opera House" for the theatre where opera is played , the "Centerpoint" Read more [...]


Sometimes life just sucks. For no reason in particular. And for every reason in particular. You know that feeling? Or am I the only one… The funny thing is that nothing has really changed. I’m still living with my Opa, I’m still at uni, I’m still writing and reading and living life doing the things I love. But I feel shit. Granted my Opa is wasting away before my eyes, he hardly eats anything any more and at 94 is on the brink of, well, of death. The sunroom I study in used to be Read more [...]

Live life for money

Live life for money Accumulate many things Get into debt Rejoice what this brings: ... More work, less time Fear material loss Forget impermanence Decay of time is boss ... What’s left is a story A story of Capital Of slavery to a system Of exploitation, greed and battle ... The poor are famished So the “rich” can get fat Anti-depressants prescribed Are we blind as a bat? ... Like vampires we suck Our earth’s blood dry Chop down our trees, Destroy clean air Read more [...]

At the precipice…

"Only on the brink of disaster do people find the will to change." "Our sun was dying, we had to evolve." "Nothing ever truly dies. Everything simply transforms." (I found these quotes in my diary. I think they are from The Day the Earth Stood Still.) What will it take for us to change? Our future comes at a price - to human lifestyles and choices. There are few planets hospitable to life. We are ridiculously lucky to be here. AND to be self-aware is a miracle to say the least. Are we going Read more [...]

Death, life-commitments & a horse’s penis

It all began on Friday morning when my Opa said to me "I'm not well. I'm feeling dizzy." I held his hand. He was freezing. I called the Doctor, and then the ambulance. I put a blanket on him, the heater next to him and lay his chair flat. He was getting colder and more faint - as if the life force was slowly evaporating. He's 94 and I've lived with him for two and a half years. "You're ready for this" I told myself as I I held back the tears and then tried my best to hide them when I could hold Read more [...]

The Animal Question: Darwin’s Bastards

I'm working on a concept for an upcoming exhibition entitled "Darwin's Bastards" that will be held at Verge Galleries on City Road in November. I'm not yet sure yet my photos will be accepted but it has been an interesting exercise to contemplate how Darwin's theory has been modified and adapted, how it has been used and misused, and how we might transcend the theoretical application and consider the practical implications of life's origins on our lives today. From the vantage point of 2009 it Read more [...]

I’m late

Time is my most valued asset. Time is money. And money (in its intended design) is a store of time. Money effectively allows us to trade our time for the time of others. Numbers in bank accounts provide me no pleasure. It seems to provide a deluded sense of security. Financial collapses happen too regularly to place all my eggs in that basket. I've just been learning about Argentina in the 90s - those digits can mean wealth one day and mean nothing the next. Accumulation of capital, anything material, Read more [...]

“I have an excellent idea – let’s change the subject!”

My blog has gotten a quite intensely serious. Religion, philosophy and peace talk. Interesting but reflective of the subjects going on in my mind, it has become a little draining. Or maybe today I'm just a little tired. Either way I do believe I should listen to the March Hare's excellent idea - and change the subject. So... a question... at the end of a long relaxing shower do you ever turn the hot to off and blast yourself with cold water? This is seriously one of the most invigorating things Read more [...]

Journey of an Inquisitive Christian

It is up to us individually to question everything we are told, everything we read and even those things we see and feel. We must always consider the source of our information, and what were those sources are influenced and motivated by. When we read the Bible, we must consider the author, the author’s sources and the author’s sources’ sources. What were these people’s motivations and influences? In what context were they written, and what did the author’s original words and sentences Read more [...]

Things aren’t always what they seem

Back at bikram yoga yesterday I looked back into the big horrible mirrors and smiled - my tummy looked thin and flat. This was only my third class and I was already getting great results. Then I stepped to the left and the image changed before my eyes. My tummy was round and tubby again. What the...??? I tested a few more locations on the mirror and confirmed it - THE MIRROR WAS WARPED. Neither the fat version nor the thin version was me. Yet at the same time both were me. Even if neither reflections Read more [...]


Christianity has played a significant and dynamic role in my life. I was born into a Christian family and had a strong "Christian faith" until I was 20-years old and learned about the Crusades, the Inquisition, the pagan traditions it copied and the political powers that edited and produced the Holy Bible I had cherished and trusted so much. This was a confronting moment. Traumatic to say the least - my entire world-view fell apart. I felt betrayed. I felt lost. Very soon after this I left Australia Read more [...]

A scrap of paper from 2000

It was the year 2000, my first year out of school and first year of university. I would have been 17 or 18 years old. My strength at this time came from my strong faith in God. I went to church on Sunday nights, taught children's Sunday school on Sunday mornings. Friday nights were youth group at church and once a week on the evening i went to a bible study group at someone from the church's house. On top of all of this I had daily private times where I would read the bible or a biblical book Read more [...]