I love photography that captures more than just an image, that magically captures a thought, a feeling, an energy. It may be the thoughts of people or animals in front of the camera or it may be the feelings of the photographer from behind. Photographs that capture such moments draw me into them as if transcending time and space, presenting me with a profound sense of understanding something deeper than the reality I know. This album are my favourite shots for that reason. You can click on these photos to see more.

“The Bridge” series:

Alchemy – South America 2008-2009

Building Bridges – Europe 2011

Conviction – North Carolina 2011

True to my star-sign (cancer) and bridging my love of yoga and love landscapes, this “Crab” series suits me to a T.


Galapagos IslandsClick Here

DSC_0593 copy

South American Landscapes Click Here

DSC_0564 copy

People and Portraits – Click Here


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