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Narrative as Ethics

After yesterday's encounter with Mr Moron, I mean, Mr Maroon, a religious fanatic arguing that Atheist's have no code for morality, I want to take a deeper look at ethics and morality from both a religious and secular perspective. Given my research into the role of narratives in peace studies, I ask: What is the role of narrative in our ethics? Mr Maroon was holding up his ethical code - the Christian bible - and asking for Atheists to hold up theirs. "I have the Bible. Atheists have nothing. Read more [...]

Debating the Ethics of Atheists at Sydney’s Speakers’ Corner

"Atheists have no reason not to kill other people," said the man in a maroon sweater who had been quacking too loud for the dude on the podium at the "Speakers' Corner" at Sydney's Hyde Park to be heard. "Excuse me!" I butted in, having excused myself from our mother's day picnic to see what all the commotion was about. Suddenly all eyes were on me. "What does belief or disbelief in God have to do with killing other people???" I asked, noticing my tone rising to the bellowing nature of his. "Well Read more [...]

Stories, Boxes, and Things that Don’t Fit

Christmas is full of stories and boxes, as are our lives. Every day, in every interaction, and in almost every thought, we seek to put the things we see, hear, smell, taste or feel in categorical boxes, and attach stories to them. For a simple example think about the smells when your mum is cooking dinner - attached to that smell might be a story about the future taste and the soon-to-come experience of eating it at a table with loved ones. We tell stories about people based on their race, Read more [...]

God and fundamentalisms

This may sound strange but I LOVE our universe. I love that we are conscious of our selves, that we understand so much about our location in space and time, and I love that there is so much we don't know - the mystery and intrigue keeps life exciting. It reminds you of the importance of the process, not the result. Dreaming and working to achieve your dreams so that when you make it you can dream a new dream. There's always more to learn. There's always new ways to create. The universe has infinite Read more [...]