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San Churro, gluttony and my fair trade chocolate question

San Churro, if you don't know, make the best hot chocolate in the world. The Azteca is full of chili and very thick hot chocolate goodness. A few weeks ago after a session of indulgence, my friend asked me how my drinking chocolate fit into my chocolate slavery morals when it comes to eating chocolate? I hadn't thought about it. But drinking it, or even cooking with cocoa - it's all part of the same problem. So... another letter, and another reply: Dear Juliet, Firstly, let me thank Read more [...]

Nestle’s reply.

Of the emails I sent, Nestle was the first to reply. I didn't realised that they purchase 11% of the global supply of cocoa-that's massive! Read their correspondence for yourself below if you wish. While I haven't heard of UTZ certification, I have to say at least they replied, and the site clearly tells me one thing: CORPORATIONS DO HEAR US. Of course, their care for the consumer comes only relative to the care for the shareholders - who in order to get profit require that Read more [...]

Chocolate slavery and the tragic flaw of humanity in the 21st century

Didn't they abolish slavery a couple of hundred years ago? Well no - it continues... and it continues such to provide the "haves" with what (in my opinion) is the most delicious tasting delightful experience of all my being: chocolate. In my opinion there is NOTHING worse than physical slavery and nothing better than chocolate, and so I face the greatest polarity in my world: the best and worse wrapped into a block of bitter sweetness. Can you believe that in today's day and age some humans Read more [...]

Happy Ishtar!

Easter is celebrated at Spring equinox, a time that for thousands of years was a celebration of the goddess Ishtar resurrecting the god of food and vegetation (Babylonian god Tammuz / Sumerian god Dumuzid). Ohhhh, it makes so much sense! The burgeoning of spring: a time of fertility, when rabbits lay eggs, flowers come out, seeds sprout and our food grows. Easter is a wonderful celebration of the sun's warmth returning to us, a celebration of new life, and best of all - CHOCOLATE EGGS!!! Springtime Read more [...]

The Christmas Pudge… and a Love of Beer

So I borrowed my mum’s scales to check the Christmas damage. 64 kilos. What the f??? I don’t step on scales so often, judging by measurement more than kilos. But, well, “in the day” I weighed 55kgs. And on average I think I’m around 58-60kgs. I’ve seen myself at 62kgs, and I know I’ve complained about feeling fat on this website before. But 64??? Ok, time to get back into routine: a walk in the morning before breakfast to reconnect my mind and body; a yoga or pilates session a few Read more [...]

Temporality & my chocolate belly

Ok I know that's a shocking photo (it's from a family celebration for my sister's engagement last night which makes it even worse)... but I think it's worth a laugh. And I tell you what, the chocolate semi fredo I'm licking is the very best dessert in the world... and today I could tell... I went to my first bikram yoga class tonight and in the 40+ degree heat I had a revelation. Mirrors are commonplace in yoga studios but the nature of bikram leads one to strip off to bare essentials and in Read more [...]

Is Lindt chocolate slave chocolate?

This blog on the ethics of Lindt chocolate is a live entry on a live issue, due to the many hits and comments it has attracted. As far as I'm aware there is no short answer to the question "is Lindt chocolate slave chocolate?" While of course Lindt don't condone child slavery or human trafficking, and they do have some measures in place that decrease the chances of slavery, myself and others hoping for a guarantee have been left hanging. My dilemma is that I am addicted to chocolate, and I especially Read more [...]