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Life can be tough. It can be tiring and frustrating. In striving for any goal we face a road of trials. At times its too hard. We throw our hands in the air and shout "I give up!" How do you know when to push through? How do you know when to persevere? How does one come to the conviction that they can, or that they can't? That they are right, or that they are wrong? That they should continue or that they should give up? And how does one find the determination, the motivation, and the energy, to continue Read more [...]

Potentialism: a new system based on humanity’s collective creative potential

I posed this question to Q&A, a political TV show in Australia, sometime last year. They didn't air it but it's had a lot of views on their website, and a comment or two... "We need a new system" There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that puts profit before people and our planet. Billions suffer so that few of us can accumulate more "stuff", leading to poverty, depression, and pollution If we continue our current trajectory, our own consumption will cause our own extinction. Big Read more [...]

Potential: innate or situational?

Does the value of life reside in a life form's innate potential - the potential that their DNA allows one to have, or to the potential that a life's situation provides the opportunity to achieve? There is quite a difference and the implications are quite significant. You see, if innate potential is the dictator of life's value, then I feel bad for cattle we breed to eat, for chickens that lay my eggs, and even for the horses whose sides I kick and neck I pull on to stop and go when I please. Read more [...]


"We got greedy in the 1980s, grungy in the '90s and geeky in the noughties. This decade, we're eager to explore our potential." [1] On my flight home from Melbourne I read an article that excited me. It was called "Meet the Potentialists". A movement I suppose we could label "Potentialism" is very much in line with what the approach to life I labeled "Creativism" - a life based on discovering and fulfilling one's creative potential. I think potentialist and potentialism is probably better terminology Read more [...]

Potentialism: a philosophy for life

Potentialism: a philosophy for life Discovering your ultimate creative potential: you as your individual conscious, you as your society and you as the universe – playing your role in the creation of a future reality you desire. Syncretic paradigms: 1. The purpose of life is to discover and fulfill your creative potential in a way that brings the most benefit to others. This is the purpose of all life This is “living God’s will” This is expressing Who You Truly Are and Who Read more [...]

Meaning of life

Something sure to come up a lot on this blog is the question of meaning - why the f**k are we here on this planet??? It is something I contemplate regularly. The human condition is a strange one -  born no different from other animals we are educated into languages, enculturated into structures of thinking, sets of values, morals, dreams. We grow up and play out our roles in society, dedicating our life to our relationships, our religions, our jobs, the building up materialistic goods, searching Read more [...]

Creativism – a philosophy for life

Creativism... the beginnings of a new philosophy, with positive implications on social, political and economic theories. Ok – with that amazing very creative photograph that won “Portrait of the Year 2009” by  Sydney photographer Pippin Schembri – I now divert your attention to something close to my heart - for now I’m calling it “Creativism”, but it seems that "Potentialism" also fills the bill. (Click here to see Potentialist version of below) I think you’ll find there’s Read more [...]