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As a New Year approaches it is tradition to evaluate the year past and plan the one ahead. The problem is I find it hard enough to distinguish between a week ago and a month ago, let alone ten months ago from two years ago. This blog keeps track of my life for me. It’s my therapy. It’s my timeline. It’s the closest access I have to how I have felt in my past. It tracks my stories, however I wanted to tell them at the time. So, when it comes to evaluating a year gone by, this blog is where I Read more [...]

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for? What do you want? If you don't know, how will you know when you have it? This was a problem faced after eating a mushroom in Amsterdam. We were walking around aimlessly. We didn't know what we were looking for! My friend through up her arms, "How are we going to get anywhere if we don't know where we want to go?!" A bridge pose wasn't much of a solution... I think I've been facing a similar problem with my life: how do bridge toward a future without knowing where that Read more [...]

Epics, Tragedies and my Saturn Returns (Rome & Greece)

"No single life story is pure tragedy or pure comedy. Rather, there are narrative mixes." [1] I don't know about yours, but that's certainly true for mine. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher of the 4th century BC, wrote in Poetics that tragedies are enactments whereby human suffering brings about the audience's pleasure, or a catharsis - a purging of emotions - through the pity and fear felt during a tragedy that relieves the audience of such emotions. When I embarked on what turned into quite Read more [...]

Returning to life

These last few weeks I disappeared in more ways than from this blog. I've tried to put my finger on how it happened. It happened so slowly that like a frog in hot water, I came to realise it only at boiling point. It was too late. Some essential part of my "self" had gone. Was it the incident in Krakow that led me to question my job in America? Did the massive cloud of uncertainty change everything I thought, felt and did? Was it travelling with my best friend from high school? Did I return Read more [...]

I Barcelona

I love Barcelona. I love it, love it, love it! The arts, the energy, the colours, cerveza, cops on scooters, the boys, the beaches, the bumble-bee taxis, tapas, the sunshine, the shopping, the street music, the dancing, the people, paella, pick & mix candy shops, live statues, the language, the list could go on. Last time I visited I wanted to live there, and this time I had the same feeling. “Dos noches es muy pochito. Barcelona es mas grande. Minimum tres noches,” insisted the passionate Read more [...]

The good, bad & ugly (Paris)

It was my 4th visit to Paris. The city of lights. Allegedly a city of love. Just not my love. On my first visit, as 2006 opened, my five-year relationship ended. In front of the Arc de Triompf. Champs de Elise will always carry memories of that moment. My second time in Paris, a few weeks later, carries the opposite type of memories: new beginnings, “finding myself”, feeling naked and exposed with my shaved head I magically found my dreams  found myself living in a model flat in the 16th Read more [...]

Brownies, Bicycles, Birthdays and Babies (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam greeted us with wide-open arms. The sun was shining, the people smiling, “coffee shops” inviting. I immediately felt a sense of belonging. I guess because my mum is Dutch. Elderly women reminded my of my Oma, elderly men reminded me of Opa, and the language – while I don’t understand a word – reminded me of home. Of all the destinations we had been this was the first I was visiting for my second time. Last time it was a last-minute decision inspired by Frank, a fellow Aussie Read more [...]

October-fest in July (Frankfurt)

Student life in Germany is another world to student life in Sydney: free travel, small fees, and for the most part a rent and allowance paid by one’s parents. At least that was life for my friend and his student friends. No part-time job and no living at home – lots of time to and party. Sounds good to me… More benefits of being a student in this part of Germany include legal drinking on the street, go to a nightclub in the castle basement university’s library, and the free October-Fest-like-event-in-July Read more [...]

Micro-nations & mickey mouse money (Dresden)

I hadn’t heard of a “micro-nation” until I got to Dresden. As you probably guessed, a micronation is a miniature nation within a bigger nation. Apparently I’d visited one – Cristiania back in Copenhagen. And "New Town" in Dresden was my second - well had I been there 20 years ago it would have been. On a pub-crawl "night-tour" of what's known as the "new town" of Dresden with Danilo, a slightly odd but insightful and entertaining who taught us about the town's crazy past: Mickey mouse Read more [...]