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“I wanna be a model but…”

I wanna be a model but ...  I don't know if I'm beautiful enough / thin enough / how to go about it... Modeling didn't make me rich or famous, but it allow me to live in Paris, Vienna and Tokyo, meet inspiring people, discover my creative side through photography, fashion, and have a lot of fun. Those experiences have given me some understanding of the modelling world, and tips that might be useful to offer those aspiring to that dream. From time to time I get calls and emails from young girls, Read more [...]

Truth through a photoshoot

On Monday I did my first fashion shoot for the year. I was modeling my sister’s fashion line (she’s a fashion student at Sydney Tafe) with Gilbert Rossi, an amazing photographer who I've remained friends with over the years. Rossi was standing about 8 metres away with a long lens, instructing me what to do. Holding myself in a ridiculously awkward position with my elbows out, one hand under a jacket hole, my feet crossed over and trying not to wobble on my ridiculously high heels, I had the Read more [...]


Early days

Some of my stuff from a few years back. Most of these are from Paris and London. I can’t hardly remember the feeling of having a shaved head… it was liberating, that’s for sure.

The VERY early days

When I FIRST started in Australia and Japan…

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A short biography

Who we are depends greatly on our biography. This is a short summary of the time I have spent on this planet - providing some background to where my philosophies and theories are coming from. 1982-1984 I spent my first two years in Jakarta, Indonesia and traveling the world. The adventurous nature of my Dutch mum and Aussie dad seeded in me a passion for travel and I think the lovely Indonesian ladies who looked after me as a baby probably seeded in me a love for people and cultures. 1984- Read more [...]

For shits and giggles

Japanese TV shows, crazy photoshoots, short films and many more things to laugh at... can you guess which are wigs and which are not?! Sakura Wonderful Jet. A short satire film about flying in different classes. How good is my Japanese! Shame they don't have the English version up here, it's actually kinda funny. Buchinuki - I was Yamu-Chan (lamb) - the gaijin (foreigner) TV host-girlfriend of one of the Garage Sale comedians. My first photoshoot - for a hair magazine. The beginning Read more [...]