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Narrative as Ethics

After yesterday's encounter with Mr Moron, I mean, Mr Maroon, a religious fanatic arguing that Atheist's have no code for morality, I want to take a deeper look at ethics and morality from both a religious and secular perspective. Given my research into the role of narratives in peace studies, I ask: What is the role of narrative in our ethics? Mr Maroon was holding up his ethical code - the Christian bible - and asking for Atheists to hold up theirs. "I have the Bible. Atheists have nothing. Read more [...]

Joseph Campbell – The Hero’s Journey

In The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell looks at myths and psychology - showing the connection between the stages of the "monomyth" seen in religion, movies and the journey of each of our lives. I'm using this book along with some other Joseph Campbell books and videos for my class... "The mythological hero, setting forth from his common-day hut or castle, is lured, carried away, or else voluntarily proceeds, to the threshold of adventure. There he encounters a shadow presence that Read more [...]

Humanity: are we an empathic civilisation???

Something many of us probably do not know is that connected to our drive to survive, is an empathic disposition driving the evolution of "civilisation". Humans have a long history of empathy that unfortunately our history books tend to forget about. The book The Empathic Civilisation - The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis, by Jeremy Rifkin, tells another story. As a commenter on Peace: How Do We Find It? said, "so now all we need to change, is the minds of the entire human population." Read more [...]

Have you met TED? Introducing “Narratology”

Which Ted? Ted from How I Met Your Mother, or Ted-Talks? While both are wonderful sources of inspiration, today I will using the former to introduce "Narratology". Narratology is the study of narratives, the stories lived and the stories told. The stories in one's head, and the stories that become one's reality. The story of you, the story of your people, your culture, your religion, the story of humanity, the story of the universe... stories surround us. Roland Bathes,  sums up narrative Read more [...]

Redefining the “good life”

There is plenty of evidence that 'the work-dominated and materially encumbered affluence of today is not giving us enjoyable lives, and that switching to a more sustainable society in which we work and produce less would actually make us happier': - the 'stress, congestion, ill-health, noise and waste that come with our “high” standard of living.' -  the ‘rates of occupational ill-health and depression have been shown to be linked to the number of hours we Read more [...]

When you lose your peace narrative….

Last night during some deep anthropological discussions, the subject of depression came up. "Depression is the incongruence between creations of your mind and soul, and the creations you are manifesting in the material world." Lauren explained. "A depressed person feels as if their mind is disconnected from their emotions and from their body. One's feelings take over their body and although their mind might be wanting one thing, their energy levels prevent them doing it. It's like the disconnection Read more [...]