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The Ecstasy of “Flow”

The feeling of flow is that feeling you get when you are at your ultimate and you feel your body almost disappear in a spontaneous yet automatic type fashion. For example, a sportsperson running or high jumping or swimming at their peak; an artist's moment of inspiration and clarity; a writer when it almost feels like a stream of consciousness directly channeling the right words in the right order from some otherworldly place. One can feel flow when they play music, or when they make love, or Read more [...]

Swimming forward in certain uncertaintly

"You gonna swim back to the waves, or keep swimming forward?" an instructor asked. Yesterday I found myself sitting directly behind a group of fit, tanned bods in "North Bondi" speedos. An accident, I promise. Lying on the beach these words (and images) struck a chord with a recent conversation, and a friend's philosophy I've adopted and written about before - "always do rather than not do." Yet this time the philosophy had a little twist: if one faces a number of options, which should one Read more [...]

The Very Short Life and Times of Me and Kombi Xee

Love is blind. It makes you do crazy things. Spontaneous things. Fun things. And sometimes really stupid things. I think when it hits you you know the pain that lies ahead, yet you jump in anyway. The first time I laid eyes on her I knew. Maybe it was her bright orange skin, maybe it was the way she popped her top on cue, or maybe it was her cute button nose. It was love at first sight. Like the trajectory of most love stories I figured this relationship would come to an end. But what I didn’t Read more [...]

What makes a life worthy? Optimal trajectory and not fearing death.

'I will never fear or avoid a possible good rather than a certain evil,' says Socrates in Plato's Apology as he stands by his virtues right till the end. For Socrates, a worthy life is one lived in accordance with (what he would call it had he seen The Men Who Stare At Goats) one's optimal trajectory. Socrates, right through till his death, acts according to what he sees to be the "will of the divine agencies". He is not looking to some super-powerful person in the sky, or a mythic personification Read more [...]

Yhprum’s Law and a New Moon Wish

Yhprum's Law is the opposite of Murphy's Law. As opposed to the idea that "everything that can go wrong, will go wrong," Yhprum's Law states that "everything, that can work, will work." (Yhprum is Murphy backwards). Tonight is a new moon, the best time to light a candle and make a wish. My wish tonight is to take all the Murphy in my life and replace it with Yhprum. Not that things have been that bad. Not everything that could go wrong, has. Or at least the way in which everything that could Read more [...]

Ending 2010: Evaluating one’s story

The end of any period is the beginning of another. Transitional points like the end of a year are great times to take a step back and reflect on the year and it's place in your life story. How does the past year fit into the narrative of your life? What direction are your decisions taking you? Are you living out a drama, a comedy, a tragedy or an adventure? Are you happy with this genre? Times like this are a good time to ask: am I happy? And if the answer is no, to ask: what can I do to change Read more [...]

Optimal Trajectory: your choice, or chosen for you?

Is your optimal trajectory something that you choose, or something that chooses you? I think the answer to this question can be found in the study of narrative, quantum physics, and process philosophy - the topic areas I'm studying for my Master of Philosophy - so I’m sure after I’ve studied this further my answer will be far more articulate. But, led by intuition and whatever I’ve read, so far I’ll share my thoughts in brief: I think the answer is BOTH. You choose this path, AND it Read more [...]

Practicing what I preach

"It's easier said than done." I think we all have discovered this at some point or another. A couple of weeks ago I was struggling with a few big decisions and I punched the following rant into my phone on my way to work. In short, I consider the relationship between money, stories, optimal-trajectories, and the dynamics involved in putting these into practice. It's not always easy to practice what you preach... When you are happy, it's easy to say that if you're not happy you should change something. Read more [...]