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Building more bridges… backbends in Europe

As I travelled Europe, my “bridge” art project was on my mind. As a result, some fun shots, some (of what I think are pretty) great shots, and some memorable stories that lie behind most of them (which I will have to tell some other day).

Circles in the Land of Angles

THE CRAB - IN ENGLAND I love learning where words come from. England, according to wikipedia, comes from the Old English Englaland, the "Land of the Angles", the Angles being a German Tribes from the Middle ages. Learn something new every day - I always assumed it meant 'my land" or something unoriginal like that.. you know, like the naming of all the monuments in Sydney: the "Harbour Bridge" for a bridge across the harbour, the "Opera House" for the theatre where opera is played , the "Centerpoint" Read more [...]

The Animal Question: Darwin’s Bastards

I'm working on a concept for an upcoming exhibition entitled "Darwin's Bastards" that will be held at Verge Galleries on City Road in November. I'm not yet sure yet my photos will be accepted but it has been an interesting exercise to contemplate how Darwin's theory has been modified and adapted, how it has been used and misused, and how we might transcend the theoretical application and consider the practical implications of life's origins on our lives today. From the vantage point of 2009 it Read more [...]

People and Portraits

South Americans are different. There's some powerful energy inside of them unlike any other people. The eyes of these children say it all. Read more [...]

“A Little Inspiration for a Big Idea”

The Art Tree Exhibition - my series is called "A Little Inspiration for a Big Idea"... The little inspiration The Theory of Evolution is a HUGE idea. But like all ideas, it starts with one thing: a little inspiration. Something happens to you: a feeling, a thought, divine inspiration? Over time this develops, culminating in an idea which if it's a good one, can change the world forever. Darwin took over twenty years to transform his thoughts into the massive idea unleashed into the Read more [...]


Exhibiting at Manning Artspace, Sydney University - July 2009- August 2013. The title of the series, Alchemy, was inspired by Paolo Cuelo’s The Alchemist; a four-part series taken over a three-month journey around South America. The first shot of the series was the one in Huacachina - sand dunes in the south of Peru. Not knowing yet quite what I was onto, I played around with the asana Urdhva Dhanurasana, also known as Chakrasana, Upward Bow, Wheel, Backbend or "The Crab" - which, seeing as Read more [...]

Sud Americana Landscapes

Galapagos is not the only awe-inspiring place in Latin America. Here are some of the most mind-blowing sights that with my camera I did it's best to capture... Uyuni Salt-Lakes, Bolivia Lake Titicaca, Bolivia El Calefate, Patagonia Iguazu Falls Salvador, Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Read more [...]

Enchanted Isles

This show will be exhibited in Sydney in November 2009, as the “Year of Darwin” (the 150 year anniversary of Origin of Species and Darwin’s 200 year birthday), comes to a close.

Darwin was 26 years old when he undertook his paradigm shattering expedition in the Galapagos and around South America. I too was 26 when I followed Darwin’s footsteps on what would be my own paradigm shifting adventure….