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Legitimate & Illegitimate Authority

On Thursday evening the widely acclaimed author Susan George presented the Ted Wheelwright Memorial Lecture at the University of Sydney, on the difference between legitimate and illegitimate authority. These are some of my scribbles. Susan George started by reminding us that democracy is and will always be a work in progress—something you do not something you get. The Problems with Neo-liberalism She put into perspective the new neo-liberal model of politics, which continue to get Read more [...]

Evolution not Revolution

I've been thinking about the idea of a "revolution", and wondering why exactly one would want to "revolve" to the beginning, completely start again? What would be the point of bring down The Pyramid, only to have to build one up again? Revolution may not be a dirty word, but it does seem kinda stupid. Capitalism and democracy have done a lot of good for society, from technological advances that enhance the lives of many, to bringing women out of the house, and empowering citizens to have a right Read more [...]

“Occupy Wall St” – bringing down The Pyramid?

What is #OccupyWallSt? Who are the 1%? Why did it take the media so long to report on it? What do protestor's want? Are they trying to bring down The Pyramid? Will they succeed? I am teaching a class on the Philosophy of War and Peace in North Carolina, with a specific focus on the Arab Spring. Yet here in America I might be witnessing the greatest revolution of them all: the "OccupyWallSt" movement, and its children. When I showed RapNews to students a few weeks ago, I had no idea that it Read more [...]

Ten ways to change the world

Recently learning about the occupation of Wall Street, I thought it worthwhile to re-post my two cents on ten ways to change the world: Legally: 1. Change corporation law - redefine "corporation" so that they are NOT treated as separate entities in their own right that can be declared bankrupt in and of themselves. Corporation law must be adjusted to hold shareholders responsible for monetary and non-monetary profits and loss. 2. Change finance / stock market laws - in implementing the Read more [...]

Getting real: promising population stats & pending challenges

Hans Rosling gives an illuminating TedTalks presentation on one of my greatest ecological concerns: over-population. Let each box = 1 billion people. In 1960 it was relatively accurate to divide the world into the "First World" and "Third World", the "rich" and the "poor", the "developed world" and "developing world" or the Centre and Periphery. In 1960 we were 3 billion people. The blue was the 1 billion at the top of the pyramid, dreaming of buying a car and a dishwasher. The green Read more [...]

A Lesson in Anarchy (Christiania)

Even in Europe I seem to be drawn to South American cultures. Some hippies from Bolivia and Venezuela, as well as the Canary Islands, were selling jewelry on the street. Before long we were playing music, drinking beer, and joining the hippies and a crazy American family on an adventure to the anarchist town of Christiania. Part of me is drawn to the idea of anarchy. Not anarchy that lets people steal, vandalize other’s property, murder, or do whatever they want to do. But I am attracted to Read more [...]

Open the Door (a poem about why I care about our future)

- I am one, I am many, I am part of something more I dream, I wake, I laugh, I cry I see a door, and I imagine… - A shift, A new direction From hierarchies, pyramids To systems, patterns, webs - From unchanging objects To dynamic relationships From "ego" to "eco" Farewell fear, embracing change - Why do you care? Confused eyes gaze What can you do? Dismissal, a maze - Life is short, At least it seems I’ve never found happiness In materials and such things - When I wake I Read more [...]

Putting PEOPLE back into Democracy, and Corporations back in their place

Following my rants on the problems with our current corporatist version of capitalism, Annie Lennox does a much better job at summing up what's wrong with our current "democracy", and how it came to be that way: The programming code in these entities we call "corporations" needs to change. Corporations are not people, and they shouldn't have any of the freedoms or rights that people have. We need rules and definitions that work for us, for ALL of us, not just the 1000 greedy bastards at Read more [...]

Youtube & The Global Pyramid

I am assisting the teaching of a master's subject called The Political Economy of Conflict and Peace, at the University of Sydney this semester. My first presentation was yesterday and in the lead up to it I drowned myself in the political economic papers and books I wrote or read over the last couple of years. And searching YouTube for parts of documentaries that I have found useful in the past. This entry has become a bit of a dumping ground for me to refer and share again at later times... maybe Read more [...]