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Pussy Riots and a Government of Pussies

Governments bullying citizens, governments bullying governments, and pussy governments (like my own) abandoning their citizens to the hands of others. For all our so-called "development", our institutions and some people's mental states are appallingly archaic, fascist and cowardice. Doesn't give me much faith in any of our political leaders or "democracy"... It seems a terrible combination of power and fear has the leaders of our society acting worse than children in a playground. Are the school Read more [...]

Necessary conflict: standing up for what’s right

A few things happened yesterday that have led me to a morning of pondering and being frustrated by the injustices in our world and the conflict that seems to be necessary in order to stand up for what's right... 1) Last night I watched Changeling (with Angelina Jolie, directed by Clint Eastwood, written by J. Michael Straczynsk) about the true story of a mother in the 1920s in LA who battles corrupt cops who try to convince her that a boy they have found is her missing son, when he is not. They Read more [...]

Ending 2010: Evaluating one’s story

The end of any period is the beginning of another. Transitional points like the end of a year are great times to take a step back and reflect on the year and it's place in your life story. How does the past year fit into the narrative of your life? What direction are your decisions taking you? Are you living out a drama, a comedy, a tragedy or an adventure? Are you happy with this genre? Times like this are a good time to ask: am I happy? And if the answer is no, to ask: what can I do to change Read more [...]

Protests and balls, another Wikileaks rally (Town Hall 530pm TODAY), and the Left-Right Paradox.

Today the Westminster Magistrates’ Court will decide the fate of Julian Assange, well at least whether or not he will get bail. And so while I haven't even told you much about last Friday's rally yet, I had better briefly inform any Sydney readers that there will be another rally at 530pm, again at Town Hall, today. [1] Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees (from Sydney Peace Foundation, and my friend and mentor) will be speaking,  so if you are Sydney, do come along. It's sure to be informative, Read more [...]

Protests and balls, left and right…

There are two sides to every story. We all know this, even if we choose to only see our side. Seeing the side of others takes empathy, a virtue that (unlike patience and many other virtues)  I think I'm not half-bad at. Lucky so, given the nature of my recent social life. On Friday night I updated my facebook status: Pro wikileaks rally outside town hall by day, dining inside town hall with army boys by night. Oh the irony! The irony, in my mind, stemmed from the stark contrast in world-views Read more [...]

Support Wikileaks Protest – Sydney Town Hall Tomorrow

I've never been much of a hands-on activist. While I support many causes, I tend to action my support in different ways. But tomorrow's protest is different. Tomorrow is about making a stand for our fundamental freedoms, for democracy, free media and free speech. The more people who turn up the more this voice will be heard. So if you are in Sydney then come with me to the Support WikiLeaks Rally at 1pm at TOWN HALL tomorrow (Friday the 10th December). Otherwise sign the petition here - I Read more [...]